April 10, 2014

A Wedding Present Blessing Tree

My latest painting commission ~ A wedding Present Blessing Tree
I have loved working on this piece, commissioned by a customer,
a wedding present for her nephew & godson.
This design combines lots of elements I love, entwined trees, a Celtic Blessing, 
and sumptuous glowing gold
I often look back over the workings of a design in my sketchbook to see how the piece unfolded, and am inspired in new & different directions.

Creating is an organic process for me, I sit & doodle & an idea will take shape on the page as I pull inspirations from my memories of things I discover on my walks, from music, words & poems I hear.

The finished painting with the words of the Celtic Blessing running around the sun. And a first for me, I managed to upload my first ever  (a wee bit dodgy in places) video me doing watercolour washes over the tree trunks.
(You can see another wedding commission design I did a while back
based on the Scottish thistle  here )

April 06, 2014

Art & Design treasures ~

Loving these images, sunsets reflected in broken glass
by photographer Bing Wright ~ see more here.

They remind me of stunning stained glass windows.

April 04, 2014

Easing into the day, gently . . .

Do you rush into your day headlong?
Setting a Morning routine to ease gently into the day
Oh my, I used to do just that, my mornings would be such a jumble & a rush
 1. Diving straight into the studio deal with my e-mails  
2. Going off on tangents, being distracted by a piece of work or research
3. Forgetting to drink my morning coffee
4.  Rushing about feeling stressed and out of sorts
5. Surfacing several hours later having not done half of the things I had meant to!

 So I decided no more, "what would I really like my morning to feel like?"
Relaxed, waking up to the day slowly,  taking time to ease into my day.
 So I set about making it happen, and now I start my day with a lovely studio morning routine
I make sure I take an hour out of my morning to

1. Put on some calming, music from my You-Tube channel
2. Light one of my homemade candles
3. Drink my coffee from one of my fave little mugs I have collected
4. Light one of my favourite incense sticks a "Nag Champa"
5. Spend just half an hour with my sketchbook doodling or writing in my journal.

What a difference! By making just a little gentle "me" time in the morning,
it allows me to settle into the day, find my feet and  relax.
My whole day takes on a different feel and I'm ready to go.

Do you have a morning routine that eases you into your day, I'd love to know what others do!